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This game offers a different twist one of the most popular in the world of video games. Spend white cat through the mushroom kingdom. Instead of gumbo and Kupov you will face an army of nasty blobs. Arrow “left” / “right” arrow = move “up” = jump Copyright 2014 2 player games pony games online happy wheels After starting the game see inscriptions in Chinese. Understanding nothing (unless of course you do not belong to the representatives of Asian powers), click on the top line (there are only two, the second – the instruction is also not in Russian). Go to the level selection screen. There are 6 stages, but the first is only available the first, which we push. Next we see a white cat, which is clearly happy to see us (judging by the smile), however, all the other characters, including enemies and character, not too much upset. Moving forward slightly (by clicking on the “right”) , and there is the first platform. In the middle of her golden squares. Going to one of them is necessary to jump, then fall out bonuses, and perhaps an additional enemy. In any case, we are gradually moving forward, collect bonuses, kill the enemies (in most cases, by jumping on top of them) and finally we reach the finish flag. Omit it, then go to the next level. And since 6 times.